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[2008] Christiane Gumera was selected as a recipient of the "Student Travel Award" for the 8th World Biomaterials Congress 2008.

[2008] Our lab is currently looking for Post-Doc and Graduate students for all ongoing projects. Contact ywang (at) gatech.edu with CV and a list of 3 references.

[2008] Christiane Gumera and Dr. Yadong Wang have been featured in a number of articles highlighting their promising work on nerve cell regeneration using polymers containing chemical structures similar to that of acetylcholine, a common neurotransmitter. There is currently no treatment for recovering human nerve function after injury to the brain or spinal cord because central nervous system neurons have a very limited capability of self-repair and regeneration.

Photo Courtesy of Quality Digest Magazine

Links to the articles can be found at the following links: Associated Content, MedIndia, Medopedia, New Scientist, National Scientist Foundation, Quality Digest Magazine, Science Daily, Technology Review, Diario Medico.

[2008] Dr. Virna Sales was recently featured in an interview by NPR's Alaska-based station KSKA regarding her research on tissue engineering. Dr. Sales is a collaborator of our lab. Her interview can be heard at KSKA.org.

[2007] Christiane Gumera and Dr. Yadong Wang's article reporting the synthesis and use of a biodegradable, biomimetic acetylcholine-based polymer for neuro-inductive applications is published in Advanced Materials. The article is featured on the inside cover of the journal (PDF, 810 kB), and also featured on the EurekAlert network.

[2007] For the paper “Modulating neuronal responses by controlled integration of acetylcholine-like functionalities in biomimetic polymers”, Christiane Gumera received Honorable Mention in the 2007 SAIC Georgia Tech Student Paper Competition. Now in its nineteenth year, the contest presented 15 awards for a total of $7500 for outstanding technical papers in the fields of engineering, physics, chemistry, applied mathematics, computer sciences, medicine and science and technology policy.

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