Dr. Platt narrates a personal slideshow from his Summer research trip to South Africa and Ethiopia. Click the picture to watch!
Platt Lab Mission: To fuse engineering, cell biology, and physiology to understand how cells sense, respond, and remodel their immediate mechanical and biochemical environments for repair and regeneration in health and disease, then to translate that knowledge to clinics domestically and internationally to address global health disparities.

Global Research.jpg
Tissue Engineering.jpg


Katrina at Summer Poster Session Project ENGAGES - High School Education Program Not Your Typical Teenager Experience Feature story on Katrina Burch, Platt Lab member, who is in Project ENGAGES and attends Coretta Scott King Young Women's Leadership Academy High School. Learn about her motivations, experiences, and career goals in this article (June 2014)

Platt Lab welcomes Kendreze Holland, our new Project ENGAGES student to the lab!

Kendreze will be mentored by Andrew and Christian. Kendreze is currently a junior at BEST Academy High Schools
Project ENGAGES provides paid research experiences for local high school students, starting with a Cell Biology Bootcamp this summer then research during remainder of summer and throughout the academic year. Glad to have you on board!

Picture below is Andrew "lighting" Kendreze during the Mentor Matching Ceremony:

At ENGAGES Mentor matching ceremony
Click to see more photos from the 2014 ENGAGES Mentor Matching Ceremony.
(June 2014)

Platt Lab's Georgia Tech BME team won FIRST PLACE at the 35th Annual Sickle Cell 4K Walk/ 7K Run last weekend!!

Thanks to all who joined us for the event, great way to support the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia that advocates tirelessly for its clients to help those with sickle cell disease live healthier lives.
Team prize and several individual winners in age group categories for race times.

Click to see more photos from the event.
(April 2014)

Fellowship Awards to Chris and Ivana!

Congratulations to Christian Rivera who was successfully awarded a Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship! (April 2014)

Ivana Parker was one of twenty-five awardees nation-wide to successfully be awarded a WHITAKER INTERNATIONAL SUMMER FELLOWSHIP to do research in South Africa for two months. Great job, but we will miss you! (April 2014)

Congratulations to Catera Wilder for selection to the inaugural class of BEST scholars!

The Atlanta Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST) Program is a new NIH Common Fund program that is centered around exposing pre-doctoral and post-doctoral scientists at Georgia Tech and Emory University to different career opportunities outside of academia. The trainees will be exposed to a breadth and depth of biomedical research career opportunities including law and business, scientific communications, STEM education, technology transfer and intellectual property, non-tenured track research, and industrial science.
Click for more information.

Tackling Diseases in the Platt Lab
Great article written by Catherine Chou about research in the Platt Lab published in the BME Pioneer (February 2014) Pioneer

Congratulations to Daniel Clough and Joel Chic for graduating from Georgia Tech with their Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering! (December 14, 2014)

Platt Lab Takes over Cape Town, South Africa for the International Proteolysis Society Meeting!
Cape Town Collage

8th General meeting of the International Proteolysis Society Meeting was held in October 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa. Platt lab members Philip Keegan, Keon-young Park, Ivana Parker, Catera Wilder, Kristi Porter, and Binbin Chen attended and presented our research on involvement of cathepsins in sickle cell disease, HIV and cardiovascular disease, endometriosis, and breast cancer.
We were also sure to share our work on multiplex cathepsin zymography technology developed in the lab and our new research thrust of cathepsin cannibalism and proteolytic networks and feedback. Great to share with our brothers and sisters in the Proteolysis field, great networking, great science, and of course, great wine and safaris (Hey, the conference was held on a South African vineyard!)

2 talks, 3 posters, and 4 awards!

Click here to see more pictures from the trip

JIAS Two Brothers, One Paper: BME's Manu Platt and Harvard's Matthew Platt Publish AIDS Paper

Dr.Platt co-authors paper on HIV/AIDS Policy with his brother, a political science professor. We studied every bill introduced, hearing held, and law passed by Congress relating to HIV and AIDS and compared this information with the most impactful biomedical research publications. They found that the breakthroughs in science correlated with the number and types of HIV/AIDS bills introduced in Congress, but did not impact the passage of laws, according to the abstract of the paper.

Click here to read the article:

"From GRID to Gridlock: The Relationship between Biomedical Breakthrough and HIV/AIDS Policy in the U.S. Congress" published in the Journal of the International AIDS Society (November 2013)

Scientists Work to Engineer an Injectable Therapy for Rotator Cuff Injuries - R01 Awarded with Dr. Johnna Temenoff!


"Normally people focus on treating tendon injuries after the tear has occurred, but we're focusing on a much earlier stage in the disease" said Johnna Temenoff, an associate professor in the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory University. "This is the first time that an injectable therapy specifically designed to interact with tissue at an early disease state has been attempted for this particular tendon injury."
Temenoffs work is supported by a $1 million grant from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) for five years of research, which began in September 2013.
Dr. Platt is a co-investigator to develop methods to inhibit cathepsins and other proteases that contribute to tendinopathy. Exciting new work and glad to continue the collaboration with NIH funding! (September 2013)

Click to read more

BMES Annual Meeting 2013 in Seattle

BMES Seattle pic

Graduate student Ivana Parker presented her work in a talk on HIV and Cardiovascular Disease, Undergraduate student Monet Roberts presented a poster on her contributions to HIV antiretroviral medication and cardiovascular disease, Undergraduate student Gabbie Nortey presented work from her summer at WPI, and Undergraduate student Daniel Clough presented his work on Developing Cellular Models of Sickle Cell Trait. Dr. Platt hosted the BMES Celebration of Minorities in BME luncheon with special guest speaker Dr. Aida Habtezion from Stanford University where she shared a powerful story of loving science and achieving against many odds by keeping family first and doing excellent science. (September 2013)

Project ENGAGE has a successful first summer! (August 2013)
and featured on National Public Radio in a five part series Project ENGAGE: A Year of Opportunity by reporter Jim Burress.


Click to listen to each part:

Part 1 - A Year of Opportunity August 5, 2013

Part 2 - Speed Dating August 6, 2013>

Part 3 - Students Become Researchers August 7, 2013

Part 4 - Personal Growth August 8, 2013

Part 5 - The Quiet Killers August 9, 2013

Congratulations to Meghan Ferrall for being selected for the Tau Beta Pi Fellowship! She has been a committed member and leader since her undergraduate days and continues onward.

Congratulations to Keon-Young Park for being selected for the SIRE-HHMI Graduate Fellowship for the 2013-2014 academic year!
Scholarly Inquiry and Research at Emory (SIRE) SIRE promotes undergraduate research projects through grants, faculty-student research partnerships, and summer research stipends, offering advantages to both students and faculty. These undergraduate researchers assist faculty in accomplishing ambitious research and allow faculty to work with self-motivated, developing scholars. The fellowship is co-funded by the Laney Graduate School, the Deans Office of Emory College of Arts and Sciences, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI).

New Platt Lab HIV and Cardiovascular Disease publications out now in collaboration with Dr. Rudy Gleason and Dr. Roy Sutliff!

1. Endothelial dysfunction, arterial stiffening, and intima-media thickening in large arteries from HIV-1 transgenic mice.
Laura Hansen, Ivana Parker, Roy L. Sutliff, Manu O. Platt, and Rudy L. Gleason Jr. Annals of Biomedical Engineering. 2013 Apr;41(4):682-93.

2. Azidothymidine (AZT) leads to arterial stiffening and intima-media thickening in mice.
Laura Hansen, Ivana Parker, LaDeidra Monet Roberts, Roy L. Sutliff, Manu O. Platt, and Rudy L. Gleason Jr. Journal of Biomechanics. 2013 May 31;46(9):1540-7.

Congratulations to all!!

34th Annual Sickle Cell Road Race 7k Run/4k Walk - Saturday April 13th

All race proceeds support the mission of the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia and its programs to serve persons afflicted with Sickle Cell Disease.

We put together a team of 28 from Georgia Tech BME and Community
Click here to view the pictures


BMES Outreach event featured on National Public Radio!
Interview with Dr. Platt, Dr. Nerem, and Dr. Jo and students.

High school hands-on demonstrations were led by Georgia Tech BME Undergrads, BME graduate students, and EBICS collaborating graduate students with local high school students from B.E.S.T. Academy, Coretta Scott King Young Women's Leadership Academy, Benjamin E. Mays High School, Wheeler High School, South Atlanta High School, and several students from South Carolina sponsored by Clemson University's BMES Chapter.

Be sure to click LISTEN


New Platt Lab publication in Integrative Biology!
Personalized Predictions of Proteolytic Activity:
Potential applications for predicting disease severity

Proteolytic prediction figure

Patient specific proteolytic activity of monocyte-derived macrophages and osteoclasts predicted with temporal kinase activation states during differentiation. Keon-Young Park, Weiwei A. Li, and Manu O. Platt. Integrative Biology. In Press.

With great story by Abby Robinson of the GT Research Team
Congratulations to all!!

Congratulations to Platt Lab undergrad Binbin Chen for winning Best Poster Award at the
Out to Innovate 2012 Conference at Ohio State University in Columbus, OH!


Binbin was presenting his work "Quantitative Toolbox to Measure Osteoclast and Cathepsin K Activity in Orthopedic Tissues" that describes new assays and technologies we have been developing to quantify osteoclast differentiation in studies of bone loss in disease.

Pictures now posted from International AIDS Conference 2012 in Washington, DC.

AIDS 2012 photos

Highlights include:
* Dr. Manu Platt and his brother Dr. Matthew Platt from Harvard University Department of Government presenting joint research project
* Ivana Kennedy and Laura Hansen presenting their research on HIV and Cardiovascular disease
* Members of Platt Lab participating in the March on Washington: Keep the Promise rally on the Mall.

Check it out! August 2012


New Platt Lab publication in Journal of Biological Chemistry!

Cathepsin S cannibalism of cathepsin K as a mechanism to reduce type I collagen degradation.
Zachary T. Barry and Manu O. Platt. Journal of Biological Chemistry. published June 22, 2012.

Ivana Kennedy working on HIV and cardiovascular disease in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Ivana has been working at Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa since the end of April to study the effects of anti-retrovirals on cardiovascular disease markers in people living with HIV.

This is a part of our collaborative project with Dr. Rudy Gleason who has been in Addis Ababa since October as a Fulbright Fellow and Dr. Roy Sutliff at Emory as a part of our CNIHR grant.

Ivana and Manu focused in the lab.jpg

Click here to see pictures of Dr. Platt's trip over to help set up a new assay and bring new supplies.
Ivana will be back at the end of June after being there for two months.

Global translational research! Trying to make a difference even when the resources are limited.

TWO new Platt Lab publications!

Tumor necrosis factor alpha stimulates cathepsin K and V activity via juxtacrine monocyte-endothelial cell signaling and JNK activation.
Keegan PM, Wilder CL, and Platt MO. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. In Press, 2012.


Sickle cell disease activates peripheral blood mononuclear cells to induce cathepsins K and V activity in endothelial cells.
Keegan PM, Surapaneni S, and Platt MO. Anemia 2012.
Congratulations to all co-authors!

Binbin Chen wins Goldwater Scholarship!
Platt lab undergrad Binbin Chen selected as a recipient of the prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, the premier academic award given to mathematics, science and engineering undergraduates.
Congratulations Binbin!

Congratulations to Philip Keegan for being selected for the Whitaker International Summer Program Grant! He will go to Johannesburg, South Africa to work at the University of Witswatersrand to continue studies on HIV and cardiovascular disease. This grant is funded by Whitaker International Program.

Congratulations to undergraduate researcher LaDeidra Monet Roberts for being selected for the Whitaker Undergraduate Program Award for Fall 2012 for her proposed study in France this coming fall! This Scholarship is funded by Whitaker International Program and the Institute of International Education

Platt Lab with a few affiliates, including Dr. Platt's mom, participated in the 33rd Annual Sickle Cell Road Race
Saturday April 14, 2012

Sickle Cell Road Race.gif
Click here for pictures

Platt Lab Dodgeball team takes on Georgia Tech undergraduates!
Team captain and coach Daniel Clough sees improvement week to week, and promises a win with new strategy. Pictures here!

Dr. Platt in South Africa

Dr. Platt's recent trip to Johannesburg, Africa to test HIV blood for biomarkers of adherence to antiretroviral drug regimens featured on College of Engineering homepage.

Congratulations to Binbin Chen and Sindhuja Surapaneni for being selected for Georgia Tech
President's Undergraduate Research Awards for Spring Semester! (Nov 2011)

Keystone Logo

Congratulations to Dr. Platt for being 1 of 5 selected for the Keystone Symposia Fellows Program
This highly unique, research-driven, diversity-centered program educates early career scientists regarding the inner workings of the life sciences community and provides a venue for high-level interaction with established and leading scientists nationally and globally. The Fellows Program provides context, understanding and insight regarding the development of high-powered research meetings, utilizing shadowing experiences with scientist organizers and key Keystone Symposia staff members. These experiences allow for learning how the research agenda is set, how to engage in high-level discourse on research topics and how to broaden perspectives in life science research. (Nov 2011)

New Platt Lab publication accepted into Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics!

"Manipulating substrate and pH in zymography protocols selectively distinguishes cathepsins K, L, S, and V activity in cells and tissues" Catera L. Wilder, Keon-Young Park, Philip M. Keegan, Manu O. Platt (Nov 2011)

Welcome new faces to Platt Lab: Dr. Idy Akinsanmi, Dr. Usman Saeed, Terrance White, and Saranya Karthikeyan. Check them out on the People page

Paintball and Annual Dinner pictures now up on the Photos page! Check them out...

New Platt Lab publication accepted in collaboration with the Segura Lab at UCLA in Integrative Biology!
"VEGF internalization is not required for VEGFR-2 phosphorylation in bioengineered surfaces with covalently linked VEGF." Sean M. Anderson, Bhupinder Shergill, Zachary T. Barry, Eleana Manousiouthakis, Tom T. Chen, Elliot Botvinick, Manu O. Platt, M. Luisa Iruela-Arispe, Tatiana Segura (July 2011)

New Platt Lab publication accepted into Journal of Translational Medicine!
"Multiplex Zymography Captures Stage-specific Activity Profiles of Cathepsins K, L, and S in Human Breast, Lung, and Cervical Cancer." Binbin Chen and Manu O. Platt (July 2011)

Congratulations to Jerald Dumas for being awarded the FIRST Postdoctoral Fellowship!! (May 2011)

Return of the Platt Lab FELLOWSHIP EXPLOSION!! Congratulations to Catera Wilder for being awarded an
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! AND a Ford Foundation Fellowship
That makes 5 out of 5 NSF Fellows for the Platt Lab. AMAZING!    (April 2011)

Congratulations to Binbin Chen for winning SECOND PLACE from the College of Engineering at the UROP Spring Research Symposium this April! Great job Binbin. (April 2011)

Congratulations to Dr. Platt for being chosen for the 2010 NIH Director's New Innovator Award!

Press release: Pediatric Stroke Prediction: $1.5M Grant Funds Research Aimed at
Reducing Strokes in Children with Sickle Cell Disease (Oct 2010)

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